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VІMAL is a European-style enterprise!

More and more Ukrainian companies are choosing the European direction of development and need to study the experience of European-style enterprises.

One of such enterprises is our VІMAL, which has gone from the old Soviet model to a modern European enterprise.

This transformation is of great interest among other companies, schools and businesses, so recently we have been visited by a large number of guests with tours to supplement their own experience.

And this is normal, because we should all be interested in improving the condition of Ukrainian enterprises and the widespread introduction of the basic values ​​of European manufacturers - product quality, environmental friendliness, responsible attitude to staff.

Everyone who visited our company is impressed !!! "We visited as if abroad !!!" - we hear from every guest, and for us it is extremely important, because these are the first steps that can be said with precision: "We are moving in the right direction !!!"