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VIMAL is represented in the huge Chinese market

We are proud to send another batch of our products - VIMAL potato starch, made on Chernihiv land, for the oceans. This time the end point is Guandong province in the People's Republic of China.

Today, the world has increased dramatically interest in consumption of environmentally friendly and safe products. People are increasingly diligent with what they buy and what they consume in food. And once again, PRC customer experts highly assessed the quality of our products, which once again suggests high quality, safety and environmental characteristics as starch, its packaging and manufacturing processes.


We work hard and continue to find new opportunities for export, because we are sure of the high characteristics of our products, which is now demanded in Ukrainians, and in consumers of other countries, for which safety and friendliness are crucial arguments when choosing. 


It is very difficult to get into the internal PRC market, because now it is one of the most progressive countries in the whole world, which is diligently monitoring what is in its territory. Due to quality control, safety, environmentalism and environmental preservation measures in our plant, which companies start with planting potatoes and continue at all stages of production, Chernihiv REQUAL is now represented in the vast market of China.

We carry out regular audits of safety and environmental production and ensure stable quality and safety of finished products.

We thank Chernihiv land and its people, and continue to strengthen our positions and support the high reputation of us and Ukraine in international markets.