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On the shelves of a supermarket, every second product contains starch (for example, thickeners and emulsifiers). Only potato starch forms a clean and transparent paste, and therefore does not change the color and transparency of the final products. All this is due to its natural properties.

                Based on high demand and an increase in the price of potato starch due to a record high price for raw materials, unscrupulous producers often mix different types of starch, adding corn, tapioca and others to the potato, much cheaper.Mixing other types of starch with potato leads to a deterioration in the characteristics of the product, the formation of a milky hue and does not guarantee the desired result. The paste, which is formed by other types of starch, is much weaker than potato.

                Buying a fake or low-quality starch can lose your entire final product !!!

                VIMAL produces 100% natural potato starch that meets the most stringent international standards, which is controlled by a team of professionals in the production laboratory using high-tech equipment. Due to many years of experience and the latest technology, the paste of our products is characterized by a higher viscosity compared to products of other producers of potato starch and is the cleanest available on the Ukrainian market. Our reputation that has been earned for 27 years, both in domestic and foreign markets, is key and uncompromising for us.


                Today, we have recorded cases of falsification of VIMAL products. Remember, each batch of potato starch made by us is accompanied by an appropriate certificate of quality, packed exclusively in paper bags made of special paper that “breathes” and is accompanied by special markings.


Take care of your products and reputation!

Beware of fakes!