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Potato Klondaik on VIMAL

On October 25, in Chernihiv, a project of in-depth processing of potatoes was presented in the "VIMAL" facilitys of the future most powerful potato processing plant in East Europe. The event was held under the auspices of the Ukrainian Association of Potato Producers.


The unusual format of the event in the style of "Potato Klondike" with all the attributes of gold miners (the future shop is decorated with straw bales, a hat - "western" for each participant of the event, carts, shovels with pickaxes, stones, and among it - "gold" potatoes) emphasized the main goal of the event is to convince the participants that potato growing can become their personal Klondike that potatoes can and should be produced in volumes much larger than now.


For the first time in the history of Ukraine, producers of golden Ukrainian vegetables - potatoes, received an offer from the processor - enter into a joint cooperative for the in-depth processing of potatoes. That will allow potatoes to significantly increase profits. Significantly, this is 2-3 times the current income per hectare.