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Consequences of the bombing

The current sowing will be the most difficult and important for all the years of independence of Ukraine and the existence of our company Vimal-Agro.

The Muscovite non-fraternal peoples left more than one and a half tons of such "gifts" in our fields. Probably, an agricultural enterprise, by their logic, is also a strategic military facility, and our warehouses are biolaboratories.

Collected in the photo - it's only from 1 field!

Despite the damage we suffered, 8 bombs, we confidently declare that there will be spring sowing in 2022 !!! Equipment is ready, people are ready and motivated, we have seeds, we nurture the land! Let's get to work! We do not need to explain the importance of providing our Motherland with food in this most difficult time for our state, we just take it and do it. Agrarians are currently the basis of the country's economic development and the fate of millions of Ukrainians depends on them, and more. Thanks to the Armed Forces, such coveted peaceful deeds have returned to their homeland! Together to victory! Glory to Ukraine!

Thank you very much to our employees and not indifferent people who are not afraid, do not quarrel and go side by side with us!