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WE are 27 years old!

Today the private diversified enterprise "VIMAL" celebrates its 27th anniversary from the day of its foundation!

The group of "VIMAL" Company began from scratch without privatization, raiding or excessive Paphos. In 1992 the first private enterprise "VIMAL" was founded in Kulykivka District as the abbreviation of the names of the brothers from the village of Drozdivka-Victor, Nikolay and Anatoliy Lazar.

For the long 27 years our company has been constantly developing and grew to a stable, reliable and professional company that has gained recognition not only in the territory of Ukraine but also far beyond its borders. We did not buy expensive yachts or islands, we did not cut off on expensive machines or were buried our goods in  "Ovshorach ", everything we earned we invested in development, our development and the most expensive, that we have-our team.

Only for the last year of our hard work, we launched one of the largest factories of the potato processing industry and achieved our quality and persistence of the world level, becoming one of the key players in the world market of starch in rating of international analytical Institutions, the only one from Ukraine during its independence and gave work over 100 inhabitants of Chernihiv region.

This year "VIMAL" also became the winner of the regional contest "the best product of 2019" in the nomination "industrial goods".

We actively support social programs. The company assists in repairing the rural schools and equips them with technical equipment, takes an active part in the sports development of Chernihiv region and sponsors the football team "VIMAL-AGRO S. Vylli". Every month the group is able to pay millions of hryvnias to the budgets of the city, region and district, allowing to build new roads, gardens, schools and playgrounds.

Constantly tempered in the development of "VIMAL" successfully overcame all obstacles in the way of their activities not forgetting about honor and dignity. Time challenges and innovative trends add stimulus to work. Team work – That's the key to all our achievements.

Advanced training, seminars on professional skills, periodic certification, continuous improvement of knowledge and skills and constantly growing demands of consumers have created a team of real, modern professionals in their field.

We are proud that our team is one big and friendly family!

On this solemn day, we wish all of our employees and their loved ones to keep the Lord protected and supported you in all matters, generously bestowed with strong health, creative inspiration and joy.

And we, in our turn, promise not to stop on our laurels, and then we persistently go to progress in work, improvement and development of our company and free, strong and independent Ukraine!