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VIMAL - works!

VIMAL - works! To the delight of our friends and the economy of Ukraine and to the detriment of enemies - WE WORK!
Despite the unprecedentedly difficult situation with rising energy prices, we do not stop and work! The information provided during the interview at the company was incorrectly presented by the media, which caused a wave of misinformation in the press. Yes, our powerful plant on Kvitneva is not working now, because due to seasonality - there are no raw materials to ensure its nominal capacity, and it has always been (smiley). outside. Yes, energy prices threaten the competitiveness of our products on world markets, but our experts are fighting hard against this and we do not plan to stop and continue to attract much-needed currency during the war in Ukraine!
We very much hope and believe in the state position in solving energy problems for the further development of our enterprise and Ukraine as a whole!

P.S. This situation revealed to us our "friends" who began their joyful dance on our fake bones. DO NOT WAIT! With such "friends" of enemies is definitely not necessary. Ukraine will never be captured by the enemy, we would not eat ourselves.