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Another copy of the R-SORT receiving and sorting hopper left the VIMALSPETSBUD plant

Today, in the midst of the harvest season of our "second bread", another copy of the first in Ukraine receiving and sorting bunker of our own, Ukrainian production - R-SORT, and with it a waste removal conveyor, a sorting inspection table, left for Semeniv Oblast from the line of the VIMALSPETSBUD plant RIT 10/25, brush machine for dry cleaning of BRUSHER vegetables, which in the complex provides a ready-made solution for sorting potatoes "from the field to the shelf". Good harvests and easy sorting!!!

Yes, the war, such extremely difficult times, there were damages, withstood, recovered, VIMALSETSBUD continues what it is excellent at and has been practicing since 1992. - effective and high-tech solutions for working with potatoes!